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‘Aprofi’ company was established in 2005. Since then we have been constantly running business activity in designing and executing specialist engineering work. Our company has been developing rapidly and specializing in building works such as deep foundation, earthwork support , landslides stability and flood banks strengthening.
Owing to his hard work and commitment, Aleksander Siry, the owner of the company, managed to employ the team of well-qualified professionals who have a flair for organization and strive for perfection of performance.
Our company’s priorities are:
-High quality of services
-The prompt completion of work
-Close cooperation with a potential investor aiming at the cost optimization
The long-standing experience of our staff together with the most modern technical solutions provide our customers with a solid and professional service .

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The ‘Aprofi’s chief assets are:
-Efficient and up-to-date management
-Experienced and competent staff
-Contract completion security
-Specialist machines and consulting service
At the beginning of 2012 we signed the contract for the exclusive representation of specialist DC software to design various engineering work in Poland.
Potential contractors are more than welcome to start cooperation with ‘Aprofi’
as we guarantee satisfaction and professionalism in building work.